Did I destroy my hard drive?


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A friend of mine recently gave me his old computer, and before I did anything with it I used dban 1.0.6 on a floppy, DoD short method.

The computer had WinXP Pro on it before, but I planned on installing Debian Linux afterwards. However, since running the wipe nothing seems to be able to read the drive at all [not even dban]. Hardware is as follows:

AMD Athlon CPU, not sure the specific model but it's 800mhz
256mb RAM
Maxtor D740X-6L, 20GB 7200 RPM ATA133 drive

As for specific error messages, when the Debian disk partitioner comes up, it says "no partiotionable media found". I booted with a MS-DOS floppy and fdisk can't see the drive either. I even made a MaxBlast 4 bootable disk and it couldn't see the drive.

Right now I'm using a really old 6gb drive in there, but I'd really like to put this 20gb one back in there. Any help would be appreciated.