Directory Entries and MFT


BC Wipe provides the following feature: Wipe Empty Directory Entries. The file system records the names and attributes of files to a special area (so called 'directory entries' for FAT and MFT for NTFS). When a file is deleted the corresponding directory entry is modified by the file system, which makes it invisible to windows and you. But most of the information still exists and the name and attributes can be restored using any recovery utility. BCWipe shreds directory entries and MFT so that the information can never be recovered.

I am wondering if Eraser v. 5.86 and the new v. 6 offers the same feature.
I did implement the MFT erasure in v6 like in v5, pending verification. But I'm not too sure for FAT because in v5 it was implemented using low-level disk access which won't work well under C#/.NET which is what v6 is written in.

Oh, by the way, the clearing of the directory entries are done when an Unused Space erasure is executed.