Disable drive erasure


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Hellos everyone,

I want to know if there is any option to disable the possibility to erase an entire drive. For example, with a registry key that disables the functionality in Settings:

It could be very helpful in order to controle that no one in a group could be able to erase a shared drive.

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards.
This could be difficult to do as you can still erase whole directories with file erase. You are warned before proceeding - Why do you see this as insufficient ?
Thanks muscas for your response.

I don't see it as an insufficient mechanism, it is just the opposite, my personal opinion is that you have developed a great tool, over all the recurring task functionality. But as all we know, common users who are not used to this kind of software, sometimes they confirm without reading warning messages. So I was just thinking on a major level of control of the tool distributed to some users, in which mainly we are able to control whether Eraser can be used only for files deletion or for file+drive deletion.

I understand it could be difficult to develop this and of course that it can be out of the scope, so please take my question as a possibility of improvement, if this cannot be implemented, no problem.

Again, thank you for yourr response and happy new year.