Disk Drill finds erased files


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Hi everyone,

Honestly, I am a bit puzzled.

I have a HDD of which I am trying to erase unused space. I have used Eraser for this with both 1 pass and 3 passes. However, when I use Disk Drill to check the there are any recoverable files, it finds ALOT of files. As an example it finds 12.000 jpg pictures. And yes, it is not just small temporary files, but actual pictures that i can preview and recover! This is disturbing to me....

It should be mentioned that I have also tried to use CCleaner and BCWipe to clear the unused space, but still Disk Drill finds the files. If i use Recuva to recover files, it finds 0 files. Therefore im in doubt what is going on. Is Disk Drill showing files that are not deleted? Do the different tools not have common understanding of what deleted files are?

Im runnning a PC with windows 10 Home and eraser The HDD is a 500 GB NTFS drive.

I also have SSD drives where i want to do the same, but lets start with the HDD.

Any ideas why I can still recover these files??


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Try these steps
Shutdown all unessary services - AV etc
Empty your recyclebin
Run a freespace erase

Now try recovering the files, if a file is still recovered is it intact?
Do you have any third party data protection software running? shadow copies or RAID?
What happens if you erase a single file?