Disk space lost :(


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When i was erasing unused disk space on C drive in 35 steps (Gutmann), i noticed that the size of my drive was shrinking more and more so i stopped the erasing. After stopping the erasing, the size was still reduced. I looked at your site (faq) and tried all the options, but my unused disk space is still reduced. I have a 12 GB drive, and when i do select all (hidden files included) on my drive, all together have a size of 5,8 GB. In My Computer, i see that i have 2 GB free space. This means that there is 4 GB lost somewhere... Do u have any idea how i can regain that space? I've tried searching for large files, but cant find anything... And i know it has something to do with eraser, because i saw the reducing of my free space.

When i free unused space in 1 step, the temporary folder is created on c:/ and removed afterwards... What went wrong with the guttman step?

i have Eraser 5.7 (July 25th 2003) according to About and the readme.txt that comes with the installer.