Disk Space


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I am using 6.0.8 with Vista SP2. I had the same problem with 6.0.7 and that is the race between Eraser status bar ending and the running out of disk space. I have tried to erase the free space on my C drive a number of times and always run out of disk space. Does Eraser really work? Is there supposed to be enough disk space at the completion to finish cleanly. I can see even now that the disk space is going down faster than the task bar is moving to the end. This seems like such a nutty problem for for such a sophisticated program.

That's actually how Eraser's unused space erase works. Have a look.

In gist, since Eraser cannot directly access the unused portion of the drive, it makes files which do. This is how it gets around the limitation of concurrent disk access without corrupting files on your drive. Leave it to complete, it should do so (especially 6.0.8, which had a space-related bug fixed from 6.0.7)