Do scheduled tasks deleted from UI get erased


When any data is deleted from the scheduled task UI - jobs, logs, etc., are they automatically erased? If not, doesn't that pose a risk, depending on what the data is? If they do get erased, should it say, "Do you want to erase the selected task?"

Just deleting them would be the equivalent of not erasing file or folder names or even entire paths, plus error messages in erasing logs.

BTW, I can't use the forum's search. It tells me a phrase like, "deleted scheduled tasks erased" are too common or too short words. Maybe it's because Google adsense / analytics is blocked. Some forums use Google in some fashion to handle forum searching. On some of those, search doesn't work when all things Google are blocked.
Nothing in Eraser is deleted. Except when the erase is complete (because, well, there's no other way...)

It's not possible to prompt for an erase confirmation due to Eraser's asynchronous behaviour. It's quite strange to send Eraser to the tray, wait for 3 hours for an erase to complete, and suddenly prompt for confirmation before the next erase starts. Users will be confused as to what Eraser's doing.

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