Do We Have An Eraser That Wrks on Win 8.1?


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Dear Folk:

WHAT Eraser (Ver.) do I download and install for Windows 8.1??

I am "totally lost" on this.

"Help" would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks a bunch,


I am running Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

Which version of Eraser should I download?

I need the eraser. The reason I am asking for advice here is because, although I have been using eraser since the time when Sammy Tolvin was maintaining it, and have never had any trouble with it, I know one has to be extremely cautious in using it because it is so "permanent" in its effects. I am new to Windows 8.1, and do not really feel comfortable with it yet. I have also never before run programs on 64 bit.

Have the developers/maintainers issued any instructions or advise on which version of Eraser should be used on Windows 8.1/64 bit? Eraser is a good tool; but it's not something one wants to start "hacking" AROUND WITH.

Any help or assistance would be appreciated.


Thank you Garrett. Looks like it's working OK. Great, but high danger, app if one screws up.

Thanks again,