Does C: = entire hard drive?


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Hi, I just downloaded Eraser and I have a question. Since I have never used a program such as this and I have gotten rid of many important files over the past few months I want to make sure I get my entire hard drive. I have also defragmented many time and things could be moved anywhere. If I simply right click on my C drive in windows explorer (I have no partitions or anything like that) and choose "erase unused space" will that do my entire hard drive? I ask this because many of the files I have deleted were in my "my documents" folder which is listed in "my computer" but not my C drive (btw, I also have only one HDD and it is my C drive) in windows explorer. So will simply right clicking and choosing "erase unused space" go through and clean out ALL of the unused space?
Yes, your "My Documents" folder is on your C: drive despite the tricks that Explorer uses to make you think otherwise.

It's sort of a "symbolic link" or "shortcut" to the VerySpecial location that is really somewhere like: "C:\Documents and Settings\<your>\My documents".

No worry here.