Does DBAN support 48 bit LBA or > 137 gig hard drives?



Does DBAN support 48 bit LBA or greater than 137 gig hard drives?

I'm getting maybe 160 and 200 gig seagate drives. I want to nuke them before I use them.

Maybe it does, according to the features list (8 gig, 32, 137 gig) limits are shown, but I guess I am asking for confirmation from other users who have successfully tried it on these large hard drives.

Assuming your BIOS and motherboard detects the drive, it should work. Even if it doesn't, you practically hose the first 137 gigs anyways.

It would be a shame to do physical destruction of such nice drives. (I have a 2 gig one, that is still alive today, heheh.)