Does Eraser clean MFT?


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Hello, I noticed on another piece of software similar to Eraser, it gives the option to 'wipe MFT freespace' by ticking a box.

Does Eraser do this, I can't find a box to tick.

Yes, Eraser does this by default (as you've probably noticed, it can't be turned off, either. The technique used by Eraser only works when certain conditions are fulfilled, and running the unused space erase creates those conditions.)
Only after many searches I stumbled over this thread.
There are many file shredders around.
However, 'taking care' of MFT records (erasing, wiping, or whatever) when doing a secure delete of files or folders is hardly being mentioned.
Yes, one can wipe the free space of an entire HDD, which takes a lllong time, whereas in fact users may wish to secure delete just some files or folders only and have the MFT records also wiped/erased.

Specifically this matter is not listed in the feature list of the products.

It may be useful to add this to the feature list.

Just a tip only.