Does Eraser delete filenames??


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I had like 3 partitions on the HDD, currently only C is active with Windows. I've used a paid software to restore files, what do I see in

Found\ and in $RECYCLE.BIN is all files I've deleted with their names remaining - that means photos named after where I've been with their original filenames, filenames of movies, filenames fo anything - one could get an idea of one's interests by simply reading those filenames.

When using eraser, does it rename the filenames to something so that no one ever knows what filenames that was?

Also how would you suggest Erasing to be done - what options should I select to wipe all including Windows before probably reinstalling it. Should I select C: D: E: or C:\Found D:\Found E:Found\ or D:\$RECYCLE.BIN, C: Unallocated Space, D Unallocated Space etc?

I get an error some System Information folder access is denied, if I selected all these, it is like it's gonna do it for ages, so how would you suggest?
Is this place alive to answer my question? Besides corrupting and making deleted data unusable, does it also rename the files, so that no names of deleted files are displayed?...
Yes, Eraser does that. You should be able to verify the fact after running it.