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can anyone please advise me does eraser really delete data that even experts or criminals will find hard to recover i see programs like Evidence Eliminator that is a pretty expensive programme and i see eraser that is completely free surely experts with the right equipment could easly retrieve say hidden data just. Could anyone please enlighten me just how good is it.

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I once read an article on the internet that compared various cleaning / wipe programs, with the author creating and deleting files then running a forensic check with EnCase. The programs checked were Eraser, Window Washer, Evidence Eliminator and a couple of others I can't remember.

Eraser was the only product that passed with flying colours - no files or fragments of files were recoverable.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find that article and lost the copy I had to a computer crash, I wish I could locate it, it was a very thorough article, of about 10 pages in length.
some software are free and some are expensive why

Hi all i am looking at various software on the market as like my previous question regarding eraser can anyone explain why its completely free and supposedly performs better then evidence eliminator which i find hard to believe as this retails at $100 on the net sorry but this completely baffles me and further to this i have read that these eraser programmes never get rid of all your data once again is this a complete myth be interesting if any experts can add some light to this arguement ive heard experts use microscopes etc no doubt this debate will go on

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As with all such programs, it is best to conduct experiments to see if the results are what you expect. With Windows, many times files are located in multiple locations, as well as temp files that contain portions or complete versions of files. Just because you erase a file in one location does not mean that it was erased remnants in all locations. Then there are the ISP log files that show when and where your IP was recorded, the websites visited, and the files downloaded. So your tracks are left in many places.

That said, Eraser does what it is advertised to do. It will overwrite files and freespace, according to whatever method you choose from the list. The files are not recoverable afterwards, unless recovered from areas that were not overwritten (and it is up to the user to know where and what to overwrite). I know this because I have tested it in a variety of ways using forensic file recovery tools.

However, if you believe that you can do what you like on the Internet and trust one program to deliver you from prosecution, you are probably mistaken. Ignorance, foolhardiness, and mistakes are rampant among many who feel they are safe on the Internet. Heck, just look at evening TV to see how many guys fall into "stings", sometimes repeatedly. Their addictions lead them to do exceedingly stupid things, usually starting with the Internet.