Does this have intergrated cmd commands?


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I am making a .bat file that will do a few things... one of them will be to eraser a file.
What I am looking for is the ability to type something like this:
"C:\Eraser.exe" /f"C:\file_to_erase.file"
and then for Eraser to erase "C:\file_to_erase.file" for me.
In case someone wants to know what that code ("C:\Eraser.exe" /f"C:\file_to_erase.file") means, it tells the computer to do this:
1. Open "C:\Eraser.exe", so that I can use it
2. Tells it to erase "C:\file_to_erase.file", by assigning the value "C:\file_to_erase.file" to "f", as in "File"

If anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate you telling me. If this feature isn't implemented yet, then can you please tell me what other "File Wipers" do have this implemented.
What version of Easer are you using?
Okay, then you need to use EraserL. Just type "Eraserl" to get the help dialog to come out, it's quite self-explanatory.