DOS and EraserD


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:? I am trying to (find and) run EraserD.exe in DOS (per the FAQs) from a floppy disk (assuming it even fits on a 1.44MB floppy). But EraserD.exe did NOT appear in any of the downloads I made. Or did I miss something here?
Hi.I like this user didn't get eraserD in my install, but I don't think I can install 5.7 because I have Windows 98 SE. I tried to install the latest version first, but I got the application error "The procedure SHGetFOlderPathA could not be located in the DLL SHELL32.dll." I researched that error and found that it's because that version doesn't support Windows 98 SE (just plain old Windows 98). The info advised installing Eraser 5.87 Beta 1, which I did. But I don't have eraserD.exe. What should I do?

Similarly, with this version of Eraser I didn't get Darik's 'Boot and Nuke,' which would serve the same purpose. Again, can I download a version of that program that's compatible with Windows 98 SE?

Why can't you use 5.7? That should work on 9x perfectly fine, no? The normal Eraser GUI versions can erase floppy disks just fine: why do you need to use EraserD?

I do not find EraserD.exe anywhere in the program files. If it doesn't exist, will running DBan erase all my DOS files (there are many)? If it does exist, could you please provide a separate download?

To bring you up to date on my previous difficulties, I created a new location for Eraser and downloaded it again (C:\Eraser2) . It works perfecdtly. My reasoning was that the earlier downloads to Programs were confusing matters. Perhaps it would be helpful to reconsider the user direction to keep configuration settings when intending to reinstall Eraser???

Many thanks, again.
If you arejust erasing files from the command line use EraserL. Use EraserD only if you are running DOS (without Windows.) You can use EraserL to erase files you see in DOS if the drive can be seen in Windows (it should be able to - DOS uses FAT, Windows can read that.)

DBAN will completely destroy a drive and and its contents.