Download Eraser on 1 computer & use to erase HD on anoth



I have a Dell Dimension Desktop PC (733 MHZ) and I want to erase all relevant data on the hard drive and then re-load Windows XP and other software after totally and completely erasing the hard drive. A few questions:

1) Can I download the Eraser software onto a new computer (currently connected to the internet) that I do NOT want to erase, and create the Eraser disk for insertion into the old computer I DO want to erase (not currently connected to the internet) and then run the application? I want to make sure I'm not erasing the hard drive on the new computer (currently connected to the internet) by downloading the application!

2) Once I have used the Eraser product to erase the hard drive on the old computer, what is required to re-install the Windows XP operating system (in terms of process), beyond needing the Installation CD and appropriate software license for Windows XP?
1) Yes, you can safely download Eraser and create a DBAN bootdisk without a fear of erasing your hard drive. Nothing will be erased until you a) start the program and b) tell it what to erase. And even then it wants your confirmation before doing anything irreversible.