Download of Eraser


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I had previously used an earlier development version of Eraser 6.0 series, this worked successfully. However within last couple of days I have got the microsoft standard error and report log message indicating that the program doesnt load.
I deleted that version and redownoaded the current stable version. However I still get the MS error screen.
Given MS and other updates in the last few days I wonder whether a MS standard update has screwed something in the operating system.

I tried re downloading and rrunnig the repair choice, all this opened correctly and operated, however as before clicking on the eraser icon produced the MS error message. :?:

Any ideas please?
Are you sure that you didn't use a 6.1 build? See the sticky thread at the head of this forum to see how to delete your Eraser Task list. That should be your first port of call. Please come back to tell us if it worked.