Download to New Comp, Then Delete


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I'm new to this eraser thing. I have an old windows 98 comp and want to completely erase everything. however, i have also installed windows 3.1 but neither really work.

2 questions.

1. will it still erase everything, even though there is no "definitive" operating system

2. because this comp isn't internet ready, i would do it on my new comp. but i don't want to use any part of eraser on my new comp. if i download it to the new comp and then put it to a floppy, i could easily delete it forever/ remove it, making sure that nothing bad happens to my new comp.

I think you mean DBAN (which wipes everything on the hard drive) rather than Eraser (which wipes the free space but leaves the OS intact). DBAN is bundled with Eraser but is also available to download as a stand alone program.

1. the DBAN program will delete EVERYTHING from the hard drive, if you choose that option. It matters not what the state of the OS is - DBAN doesn't recognise the OS as being an OS, but rather as being data - and data to be wiped over if you so choose!

2. Download to a temporary file and then extract DBAN to a formatted floppy disk. You can then delete the temporary file. There is no need to download eraser - the DBAN program can be downloaded as a stand alone file (rather than the one bundled with Eraser).
hey robbie ,, do you know if when i start im trying to erase my c drive which is all that is on my comp with dban ,, the os and all 60gb and win xp. when i do the wipe will i be able to just load my factory cds (system recovery) that reloads my os and all the bundled programs. normally if i want to start over i just restart my computer with disk one of the system recovery and it ask me if i want to restore the factory image,, once i go throught the 4 disks everything starts up win xp and etc. i just wanted to wipe the hard drive completly and do a fresh install but i dont know if this program is going to erase something that i need to do extra than just restarting with my system recovery disk and reinstalling with that. any help from anyone i would appreciate it very much.