Drive filling while erasing "Thumbs.db"


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I have a strange pb with Eraser 5.8 / 5.82, each time i erase a folder containing a windows explorer thumbnail file "Thumbs.db" eraser got mad and the file THUMBS.DB got bigger and bigger .. it stop only when the drive is full with an error "unable to erase ..."

Windows version : XP Pro Fr 32 bit with SP2 and all Updates.

I have not noticed data corruption on other files on the drive, nor CHKDSK pb ( ok before, ok after ) ..just .. it fill the drive by making the file as big as possible, only tested on NTFS drive ..i don't know if this hapen also on FAT.

I don't remenber this with older ( 5.6 / 5.7 versions ) ..and it is very likely that i haven't had the pb ..i would remenber such a pb.