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Not downloaded the program yet but................

Does the user need to know the name or location of a particular file that needs to be 'erased' for the program to work?

Is there a one button fits all option for idiots?
How long should a run all 'unused disk space' scan take on a free space of 64Gigs???

How often should one do it. Every day or once a week?
In answer to your first question, no there is no single button that will do it all for you. You need to know what you want erased so that you don't erase things you (or Windows) need.

The time it takes to erase depends on a few different factors, such as the amount of data that needs to be overwritten, the speed of your CPU, the amount of RAM (memory) your system has, how many times you are overwriting the space, and any other programs running at the same time. With 64 gigs, 3-6 hours for a single pass is not unusual, depending on the system.
Thanks for reply.

I'm currently running an unused disk space sweep and it's still going after 9 hours. I'm using the Gutmann method with 35 passes. So presumeably it could take days to complete, with 64gigs to scan? Or has something gone wrong?

Am I correct in thinking, the unused disk space scan, will NOT harm any existing files and it is only interested in blank areas, possibly containing deleted files from the past?
Yes, the 35 pass method will take lots longer than the DOD method of 7 passes or the single pass method. My times were based on the single pass method, which I should have mentioned.

Yes, the unused space erase should not affect any non-erased files.

The only run all command I've seen is in scheduled tasks, and runs all the tasks that you have scheduled.
Thanks again.

So the default Gutmann method of 35 passes, is reallly only for a few files, one has specifically chosen for extermination!

A 35 pass, unused disk scan, would take over a week on my hard drive!
Well my scan has just finished, using the one pass method.

I notice the available memmory for my hard drive has INCREASED from 63.9G to 66.5G. Why is this?

Is there a finishing report, one can access, to see how successful the scan was?

Well, TriggerTV, I feel bound to respectfully ask why you feel the need to accomplish the 35 passes of the Gutmann method! I f you do not work for the CIA,or don`t have GMs ten year business plan on your machine,I feel there is a little overkill here!
To put it another way,if 35 passes are really necessary,maybe you should not be putting such info on your hard drive. For most users,a few passes will ensure enough privacy,and Eraser used correctly is superb for the job. Do please read the help file most thoroughly tho.
A neat free application for examining the effectiveness of a disc wiping program is at:
Yes, one is fine. I didn't realise 35 passes would take weeks. LOL!

Now set on one pass only.