Duplicate Entries in Sub Menus


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When I use one of the right click sub menus in Windows Explorer, the option Eraser Secure Move appears twice? I have uninstalled, cleared the rtegistry and reinstalled but it's still there. Using XP SP2 and Eraser 5.8

Any suggestions welcome
I have the same problem. There's not only two "Eraser Secure Move" entries in the context menu, there is an extra menu separator right over the top of them.
Eraser 5.8 final was a totally clean install for me. And after noticing the problem, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it didn't make the extra menu entry (and the separator) go away.
It would be nice to see the duplicated entry removed, and to have an option to disable the "Erase secure move" while moving files.

Is there a workaround for removing this entry? It's not clear to me how windows handles these kind of menus, so I wasn't able to solve the problem.

Thanx a lot :)
This bug still appears in 5.82 when you right click drag and drop.

Any chance it can be fixed for 5.83? :)