[E 5.8.7] Eraser doesn't finish properly


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using Eraser 5.8.7 with Win XP S3. When running tasks like overwriting unused disk space (wether it is with the 1-Pass Pseudorandom or the 35-Gutmann etc.) i see the progress bar showing me clustering tips and overwriting, but i don't get a confirmation window or anything when it's finished, i checked the properties and it showed "Possible Failures: 12" (tried it with all the different passes etc.). This is for my C: partition which is 30gb and is only used for Windows and a couple of other things, Eraser (and all my most used/watched/listened data) is on D: . Erasing files or emptying the recycle bin shows me a confirmation window with data of the task (Erased Area, Data written etc.) at hand, so i assume this is working properly.

What can i do?
In the former case I assume you are running the task as a Scheduled task. Scheduled tasks are meant to be run without any feedback unless explicitly requested as it is meant to be run "without the user knowing." This is defined behaviour -- if you want the dialog to be shown then you should create the task as an On-demand task.