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My computer has a problem. Alot of the time it cuts off ( power turns off )

Someone has suggested that I use dban nuke to a floppy because it is a rather old laptop

Compaq V300 Armada windows 2000 professional no cd burner

5gb harddrive

I have a windows disc but everytime i try to do setup it cuts off

Can someone give me a totoriul to how to put dban onto a floppy then wipe everything. Once everything is wiped then i will be able to put windows back on but i need someone to guide me through using dban to erase everything. Really desperately need help. Thank you very much
Wilson - From the sound of it, you're suffering either a beginning HD failure, power supply failure, RAM failure - or any combination of all three.

Either take the computer in and get it looked at or simply purchase another. Pete