enable clearing of paging file at shutdown???


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Hello All,
I was using Eraser 5.7 on my Windows XP machine.
After 6 years I decided to purchase a new computer with Windows 7.
I installed Eraser 6.0.8 on my new machine yesterday.

I can't find the option to overwrite the pagefile (swap file) at shutdown.
Has this feature been removed from Eraser 6?

If so, what are some users doing to clear the page file another way?
I know you can edit your registry to have Windows do that for you.
I don't know if the file is actually overwritten by the Windows method.
Does anyone have some insight?
I use Fix it 50463 to clear the paging file at shutdown. Works good. :)

Yes it takes a few seconds longer to shutdown because it overwrites, and not just deletes, the contents.
This facility is not directly available from Eraser 6; it has to be enabled via a Registry setting or tweaking program. Greg's suggestion is a good one.

I forget whether Eraser 5 could enable the setting. Interestingly, CCleaner does not offer the facility.

As Greg says, the problem with enabling the clearing the paging file is that it makes shutdown rather slow. It's not really an issue if you are only shutting down once a day, but if the machine insists on installing and then rebooting just when you want to get on with some work ...

The decision to not include this setting in Eraser 6 is because this setting is actually controlled via Group Policy. In a domain environment (I know of a few corporate installations of Eraser) admins can set all computers with this particular setting. Making it accessible via Eraser would cause configuration nightmares for them, hence this was not included.
I think this answer is fair. Changing system settings is hardly a mainstream Eraser task.