Encryption programs and overwriting



i realize this forum is about Eraser (which i have been using a very long time). but overwriting and encryption kinda go hand-in-hand. i was wondering if you guys have any encryption programs you would reccomend? my BIGGEST concern is, with most encryption programs i've used, after they are done encrypting they only "delete" the original file. i've been able to recover the original files time and time again using very simple undelete programs. i've only found a few encryption programs that actually "overwrite" the original files (usually using 1-pass psuedorandom data).

im also wondering what type of algorithm and bit strength i should be looking for and avoiding. some i've seen reccomended are AES, Blowfish, 3DES and some i've seen to avoid like DES.
Encryption utilities

I favour for my limited use,the free "File2File" from Cryptomathic,which uses AES and can encrypt files and folders,and lets you know if you`ve entered an incorrect password-not scramble the file,as some free apps have done! I`ve just checked,and it appears to completely make the original file unreadable upon encryption-or at least,I was not able to undelete it,but I suspect the spooks might have better luck.Anyway,it`s the best I`ve found,especially at the price,but others may disagree.
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Could try BestCrypt or even Drivecrypt wich uses triple Blowfish at over 1000+ bit encryption. Never used Drivecrypt though so I'm not sure if you can erase a container file.. to be honest you don't need to erase it as the encryption if so strong. Same goes for Bestcrypt.
Forgot to say that there is no master key for either of those 2 programs.
wich uses triple Blowfish at over 1000+ bit encryption
Sorry, but that's just stupid. I mean, why build a steel door if your house is made of glass? There is no sense in increasing the key length to insanity, or encrypting more than once, if one can easily guess (or force you to reveal) your pass phrase. Using longer than 256 bit keys in symmetric algorithms is completely useless, nobody is going to even try brute forcing that.

Either the people who make DriveCrypt don't understand the security problems, or they have chosen the key length only to fool people into buying their product. I'd suspect the latter, but either way, I don't want to do business with them.