End user disk cleanup



We are in a situation where our internal customers get new lease PC replacements from us (the PC support folks) fully configured except for the transfer of local data. And the customers are responsible for shipping the "old" PC's back to the leasing company, so it's possible that we are not the last to see it if we can't do the data transfer at the time of the new PC delivery. Sooo, we would like to create an automated (as much as possible) method for the end user to wipe his drive prior to shipment, presumably a boot floppy.

I have not seen nor used DBAN or Eraser, so please bear with me if I ask a silly question. The method would need to have at least one confirmation of course, no "autonuke" as I've seen some folks in these forums looking for. It would also need to "self destruct" after use so it couldn't be used accidentally (or purposely!!) again. We utilize a self destruct type function in our boot floppies we use to rebuild machines and have a "reset" function to reuse disks, but this process isn't known to or available to the end user and the process performs only a simple fdisk.

Is this feasable?
Yes, implementing this feature is feasible.

If you want me to do it, then contact me at dajhorn-dban@vanadac.com and we'll arrange a flat fee for the work.

Past that, I would be pleased to accept a patch and incorporate the feature into DBAN. If you have any in-house software developers, then they can probably figure out how to do it in less than a week, depending on your specification.