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Hello, I've got a problem. I've been running eraser for awhile now without any problems. I've got a scheduled wipe of my boot partition every day, and other partitions are set to wipe once a week. I'm running Win2K and NTFS file system. The problem that has cropped up is that all of a sudden eraser is creating a huge number of "empty" (at least that's what it says when you check properties, but in reality they may take up no space, or several hundred MB's) folders and files. What is causing this, and how can it be fixed? This is occuring on all partitions where I've got eraser scheduled to run. Some of these partitions are used for nothing but storage, and no programs are installed on them, and some of them have active programs installed. This would not be all that big of a problem *if* I could easily delete these "empty" files and folders, however it consumes an enormous amount of system resources to delete these "empty" files and folders, and it is impossible to do anything else while doing so. There are usually approximatly 3000 "empty" files inside a folder, and as of today there were 9 of these folders on my boot partition. The folder names usually go like this ~ERAFEWD.0000, ~ERAFSWD.TMP, and so on and so forth. Any assistance y'all could provide would be very much appriciated.
Is there not anyone that has any idea why this is occuring or how it can be fixed? It may not seem like much of a problem to y'all, but it's really causing me problems. Other than this I've not had any problems with eraser, and have been very pleased with it. I've got two other programs installed that also erase/wipe files, but eraser is the only one I use regularly. The only reason I've got the others installed is that they wipe memory too, but if I can't get this problem solved I may have to resort to using them instead of eraser.
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