Entering tasks without having to drill down with file manage

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There have been a couple of posts by users who, like me, found it cumbersome to enter tasks in Eraser using the Windows open file dialog box and clicking through all the folders to the desired target file. It may seem obvious to everyone else, but it apparently was not to everyone. The way to avoid the drill-down is to use Windows Explorer drag and drop. I.e., single-click the target folder or file in Windows Explorer, then drag it to
Eraser to create a new task. Then you can modify the task however you like.

For example, I wanted to create a task to erase all the "Trash" files in Mozilla Thunderbird: I had two email addresses, RSS feeds, newsgroups, etc.

I navigated in Win Explorer to C:\Documents and Settings\[MYNAME]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\90hbphga.default\Mail

I then created a file in the Mail folder called "Trash.txt" and dragged it to Eraser on demand. I then modified the task to "use wildcards" and changed the task to erase Trash.*. Check off "include subfolders" if you want to erase all your mail trash. Done!