I hope this is the right Forum for my question. If not please direct me to the correct place.
I have recently added another SCSI HD to my system. For reference it is an IBM SCSI Ultra160 with a capacity of 72GB with an NTFS format. It is not my boot drive.
The drive has now a life of its own. Unexpectedly it starts spinning and creating files in a folder (in the root directory) called ~ERAFSWD.TMP.
The files are mostly 41,280KB with a variety of unknown extensions (e.g. .92X,.UK8,.N3P,.XNN).
Among them there was a large file of 29,011,628 KB.
The first couple of time this happened I deleted the folder along with the files and things were fine for a while.
I also performed a full format.
The last time this started happening, I let it do its things uninterrupted. It filled the HD to its full capacity.
A Google search led me to here. I have installed Eraser recently and used it on 2 drives that are no longer connected to the system.
I do not know what is triggering this behavior.
I have checked all my drives for viruses and worms. They came out clean.
I am intrigued and puzzled.
Would appreciate any comment.
Thank you.
It would seem you have eraser still installed and it is running a scheduled task to erase the freespace on the drive.

Do a file find (Win+F) to locate any files like Erase*.*

Hi Garrett,
Yes Eraser is still installed on my system.
I turned off the scheduler and I will wait to see what happens.
I am still puzzled as to why it would write files when its function is really to erase.
Thank you for the advise,
eraser - tmp file

the ~ERAFSWD.TMP is the place Eraser creates when it starts looking for "clusters" etc. -- it has to put the files somewhere when it finds them if it doesn't do that -- it cannot "erase" them! :lol:

As soon as Eraser has 'finished' erasing "all" it has found -- it also erases that 'tmp' file -- if it is not doing so -- then it is stopping before it is finished -- which is what has been happening to my program -- and I have not been able to get any explanation for that behavior. :cry:

If you don't want to wait the several hours that it usually takes my machine to erase all of those files -- then just delete them -- NO HARM - NO FOUL! :D