erase by used BAT file


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I would like to erase subfolder and keep folder C:/files. But When I run "C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraserl.exe" -folder "C:\files\" -keepfolder -subfolders . But the file Eraserl.exe doesnt exist.

When I run CMD and wite this -Eraser run correctly.
But when I run clear.BAT with the same process -it doesn´t work

I use Eraser 5.84 - 64bit version
Eraserl is in system32 not in program files.

yes that was in directory system32 and working, but still working in CMD window.(WIN+R - CMD). When i write the same in bat file -the sreasel doesnt exist.
Check your value of %PATH%. Make sure system32 is in PATH.

Yes the eraserl.exe is in %path% and its working, but Try this: open Notepad write "C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraserl.exe" -folder "C:\files\" -method Gutmann -keepfolder -subfolders (or "C:\Windows\system32\Eraserl.exe" -folder "C:\files\" method Gutmann -keepfolder -subfolders, or Eraserl.exe" -folder "C:\files\" -method Gutmann -keepfolder -subfolders ) and save as a.bat . And then run a.bat . Does it Working?
You are executing eraserl FROM C:\Program Files\Eraser! Eraserl is NOT in C:\Program Files\Eraser! It is in System32!

In your example the LAST TWO works but NOT the first one (obviously!)

Either you don't understand me or I don't understand you.