Erase directly a hard disk

Mr Wolf

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Hi to all!!!

Sorry maybe for the stupid question, but... to erase a whole hard disk, first I have to format it, since Eraser can erase only empty space, right?

I can't directly use Eraser to erase a hard disk with still data on it, right?
Yes.. You'll need DBAN to completely destroy your hard disk. v6.2 may however have this functionality.

I think it's a missing feature, at least for external hard disks, not for the ones with an operating system installed on them, for which of course you need a boot CD
Yep, hence it will probably be implemented in the 6.2 timeline. Currently the aim is to allow users to use v6 as a drop-in replacement for v5 and then discontinuing the v5 series. It is rather expensive to maintain it.