erase empty space on schedule, a little bit at a time


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I'm looking to have a schedule where Eraser starts every night where it left the night before. I'd like to wipe my empty spaces on a regular basis, but only while i'm asleep.
say, the program would work from 2 am to 7 am every night, and then stop, only to resume the next night.

this way, it wouldn't work for days at an end non-stop and would get the job done.

anyone can help me?
I don't think that would be possible as the disk is changing all the time. You are better off not doing what you suggest as the drive will wear out.
Try creating an encrypted partition and storing the files there. Then erase the partition every night. If you create one the minimum size then the stress on the disk will be less.
thanks for the reply garret.

I see what you mean. what i'm kind of afraid is all the residual stuff. for example, if I were to download something copyrighted that I don't necessarily have the copyright for, I might encrypt it and pur it away, but that dowloading will leave parts of the file, and will leave a trace. that's why I want to wipe the empty space regularly.
I guess I could dedicate a drive for that and wipe that regularly. but i'm still not certain how I could run, say bittorrent 100% from there without it leaving all sorts of files in the main C: drive...