Erase Everything on Old PC


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What are the steps involved? Dan I download eraser to my new PC and then create the Boot and Nuke Disk to use on my old PC? The instructions posted in the FAQ section seem to imply it is all done on the same PC. Will the Boot and Nuke disk be a 3 1/2 floppy? Thanks.
1. yes it is on a 3.5 floppy.

2. You just need any PC to create the nuke floppy.

Where do I find the Create Boot and Nuke prompt? I downloaded eraser from www:\\\download\eraser56setup.exe. This results in some 25 files in the eraser folder. Where is the Create nuke floppy command found. I'm running Win XP Pro.
Under the Eraser folder, there will be a folder called "boot", in there will be an install.bat
I'm sorry but there is no install.bat file in the Boot folder that I have, or in any of the other folders. There is an Explorer file called Boot and Nuke that links back to a webssite sourceforge?? That web site offers a download of DBAN to a floppy or a CD. When you click on it it asks you to select a mirror?? I have no idea what that is. I selected one at random and the download could not be completed on a single floppy.
In the directory 'boot' execute eboot.exe and an GUI app will popup giving you various options.

In my Boot dirctory there is a folder labeled eboot and described as WinImage Self Exctractor ffile. Is this the file you are calling eboot.exe? A window does pop up with 3 boxes to select. I selected Writing on Floppy and several files were written on the floppy. Most were text. None are boot and nuke. Thanks for your help but this appears to be going nowhere. All I want to do is create a boot and nuke disk and this is my 4th or 5th post . Has anyone created the boot and nuke in 4 easy clicks as described in the FAQ area? What am I missing?