Erase external drives?

I don't know. I presume this section is just for FAQ's, and not for FAQ's with answers.
But if you do find an answer, please let someone else know. Thank you.
It depends on what you mean by Erase. If it means "completely destroy" like in the case of DBAN, no. If you mean Erase as in erase every file in the drive, it'll work because to Eraser all drives are equal, and no drive is more equal than others...

Sorry but could you elaborate what you mean by it's different? I mean, if you destroy partitions inside the MMC, reform a simple volume, and run an erase free space, wouldn't that efectively be the same as running DBAN? If not, how so. Thanks for the information.
There will always be sectors allocated by the file system and thus Eraser cannot reach; those sectors cannot be securely erased.