Erase from contextmenu -> Ask about delete-method


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Hi everyone,

some time back I used an older version of eraser (I think some 5.x version) and when I used Windows Rightclick -> Erase file(s), it used to ask me which method should be used for deletion (i.e. 1pass, Pseudo-data, zeros, 35pass method or similar...). At that time, there was no discomfort using Eraser, it simply ran immediately on demand.

Since I started using 6.x, this window disappeared. Now I only have ONE setting in the main window of eraser where I can setup the default deletion method which gets automatically used, because everything runs as a task now, which is really annoying.

I thought about switching to some different software, but the thing I love about Eraser: It is open source and very well known and heavily developed. So I'd rather want to stick to it because I trust the people coding it more then some proprietary SW (e.g. Ashampoo or O&O where I would even be willing to pay for, because they have a nice GUI).

Is there any way to get this behaviour back, so that I can specify the deletion-settings for every on-demand use of eraser via rightclick contextmenu?

Thanks a lot!