Erase IE history on Reboot


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I have Eraser 5.6 on a Win2K Pro SP3 machine. I have set Eraser scheduler to eraser F:A on reboot and subfolders and remove folders(F is a partition on my single hard drive). This is where my Cookies Folder, History Folder, and Temporary Internet Files are located.

Upone rebooting, I get the error message "File not found. Nothing to erase. (F:a"-subfolders).

Yet the F:a folders definetly have browsing historycontent in them.

Any ideas?

Im just curious, on your f: partition, what are the names of the folders you are trying to erase? You mention you use F:a"-subfolders, is the "a" the name of the root folder or something?
If you are doing the erase on bootup, then using eraserd the correct syntax should be:

C:progra~1erasereraserd -allfiles F: -passes 3

or something similar
Thanks Alzone, but this isnt using eraserd, it is is using the scheduler, "on reboot" option of the GUI Eraser
One other point for any support staff. Despite removing the scheduled task that was producing the error message from within Eraser, I am still getting the error message on each reboot.
quote:Originally posted by omegac75
I am still getting the error message on each reboot.

Some investigation in the registry reveals that these keys are still present, despite me deleting the entries from scheduler:

"E:EraserEraserl.exe" -folder "F:a"-subfolders
"E:EraserEraserl.exe" -folder "F:aIETemp"-subfolders