Erase method?


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When you run Eraser, does it take a single pass on everything selected to be erased (ex. contents of recycle bin multiple folders and files) then doe a second pass then third ect.? or does it run the specified number of passes on a single file then move onto the next?

Does it scramble them all with one pass then even more with a second pass then more with a third..., or does it severely scramble one file with multiple passes before it moves onto the next one that hasn't been touched at all yet?
Joel would know this for sure, but, from observing Eraser, I would say that it deals with each file in turn, and completes the erase (all passes) before moving on to the next file. Given the way Eraser works, I think that this is the only sensible way for it to operate.

Eraser does not scramble file data; it overwrites it. What it overwrites the data with (and how often) depends on the erasing method used.

Yup, that's correct.