erase of free space causes disk failure



This is the second time this had happened.. When erasing free space with eraser, the program freezes after an abnormal amount of time. When terminated, the disc is unaccesible with windows explorer. When rebooting, the computer refuses to start due to the absence of important files (boot sector failure?) The only solution (since reintalling of XP fails due to the same boot failure) is to attach the disk to another computer for recovery of important files with a disk recovery tool. Then formatting and reinstalling XP:

What am i doing wrong? i have used eraser many times without any problems; but after this second disk failure i will never use it again :(
Apparently the data on your hard drive gets corrupted during the process. It sounds like a problem with the operating system or your hardware (or both), which is triggered by the heavy disk I/O Eraser generates. Since you can reproduce the error each time you run Eraser, I suggest you don't do that anymore. It would also be a good idea to take regular backups of your data.