Erase parts of file


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I was thinking of better way to erase files in case of emergency. As every one here know multiple passes are a very powerful method, but unfortunately slow.
But do we have to delete the whole file if you only want to make it unaccessible by all means I don't think it's necessary.
For example:
I have 1 file of size 2 gb. 7zip, Truecrypt or differently encoded container.
Now I'm destroying data after every 100 mb -> I wipe 10 mb of data (for example Gutmann 35) and and replace it with random stuff. The file will became corrupted and there's no way to restore that file.
If I'm correct that should be much faster than normal erasing.
What do you think of that idea?
Eraser has a feature to remove the first and last 16K which basically corrupts the file by destroying its header and footer markers.