Erase "Recent" folder at boot creates problem savi


I added the files in "Recent" folder to the scheduler to erase at each boot, but then encountered a strange problem. Once the system came up I could not save any files through "file save" or "Save As". The dialog box would either just disappear or (using save as) would give error about not being able to save file.

This would affect any kind of save from any program, such as opening a web page and trying to save it; creating a document and trying to save, etc.

I rebooted a few times with the same result. I finally removed the "Recent" folder from scheduler, rebooted, and everthing was back to normal. I can add it to scheduler and run it manually from there after the system is up and running. Another note: These files can't be erased from the right click menu while in that folder, so it must be special somehow.

Folder location: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Recent