Erase Recycle Bin without confirmation: possible?



Hi all,

First off: many thx for this great product (using it since 5.6 on win98)!

My question: is there a possibility (registry setting?) to use the 'Erase Recycle Bin' without any need for confirmation?

speedfreakzzz AT yahoo DOT com

PS: I already changed my registry settings to turn off reports using the Silent Erase of Recycle Bin advise...
Modify the registry key mentioned in the previous post to include parameter "-silent". You will lose the progress dialog as well.
Well, you can get a list of available command line parameters by double-clicking "eraserl.exe" on Explorer and see for yourself. I don't think there is an option to only disable the confirmation dialog.

Maybe this could be implemented in the next version?
I don't think "-resultsonerror" gets rid of the confirmation dialog.