Erase settings are empty after installation


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I am new to this product. I installed the newest version ( on Win 7 64-bit machine, but it doesn't work, since the 3 comboboxes with "Erase settings" are completely empty. Can you help what could go wrong here?


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Howdy, I Have The Same Problem!

Installed v. on a fresh machine with newly installed Win XP SP2 (only upgraded .NET to 3.5 SP1),

Upon installation a fault message appeared telling some files/settings couldn't be set and would be reverted to some default settings.

Running the program and visiting the Settings page, as in the OP's attached picture, I have the same problem with empty options.

Edit: Additionally, the eraser can't delete files.
Problem solved at least for me, more information was found in this post:

Check out also the FAQ:

BTW, I found out it was possible to manually add updated Root Certificates from another vendor than Microsoft and it enabled the Erase Settings.

PS. Eraser Team, your Spam Filter blocks your own web links, that's why I had to obfuscate the links above a bit to pass the spam filter, eg. change 3 dots "..." with 1 dot "."