Erase Unused & Bad Sectors To Remove RootKit.



Erase Unused & Bad Sectors To Remove RootKit.
I suspect a RootKit was installed on my main storage partition and that it has defined several sectors as bad in order to hide itself from real mode or networked inspection.
As RootKits are designed to hide all their activities from any program running on top of an OS, shouldn’t these be seen as not in use?
Will Eraser overwrite bad sectors on a cleaning of unused space?
So does anyone know?

Will Eraser overwrite files that are intentionally hidden from any windows program?
Will Eraser overwrite bad sectors on a overwrite of unused space?
Sorry, I meant to say bad "Clusters", not "Sectors".
These were defined as bad by windows "ScanDisk" on a reboot shortly after visiting (the best rootkit info & learning tools).

Anyone know how Eraser handles bad Clusters?
Yes I've read where Eraser will overwrite unused clusters and cluster tips.
Has anyone confirmed what Eraser will do with those clusters that ScanDisk has defined as "bad".

Eraser is a "destructive" tool so I would suggest that you always:

1.) Run a "Standard" ScanDisk or CheckDisk BEFORE using it!!

2.) Reboot your computer after wiping free space.

3.) Check to see if there are large TEMP files in your root directory from pausing Eraser while it is wiping free space (and then delete them if you find them.)