Erase unused space ?


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I am new here and i have one question concerning a eraser?

i have two harddrive and i hafty cleanup this empty second harddrive(slave40GB)

Well..eraser do a good job, but one thing is worried me - when i use that erase unused space-option it seems to start always like 33% then continue that eraser-job. Why it start 33% because disk is completly empty. What is that 33%?

Anyway matter is portant to me because i planning to sell this harddrive out so i hafty be sure before that disk is empty and is not easy recover anything. I use gutmann options.

I know there is some other way to handling on that matter ex. creating floppy or CD and thet cleaning a disk. But i dont know is that matter if that disk is slave disk. And if i do so like creating floppy and eraser like that.

Can i or anybody else use my disk anymore after that?

Many question but i hope someone can be help..

Cheers Jordan :p