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What's the differance between the ERASE and the ERASE SECURE MOVE options in the right click menu?
(From Eraser's "Help" file - which you should get more familiar with):

"Shell Extension: Secure Move

When moving files or folders across drives, the operating system is forced to delete insecurely the source files after copying them to the new location. The Shell Extension allows you to securely move files, erasing the source files after copying them.

To use the Secure Move option, select source files normally on the Explorer and drag them to the destination keeping the secondary (usually right) mouse button down. When over the destination, release the mouse button and select “Secure Move with Eraser” from the appearing pop-up menu.

You will be asked for a confirmation before the files are copied. If the destination already contains files or folders with the same name, you will be asked if you want to replace them with the source files – if you decide not to, the corresponding source file will not be erased.

If the files were copied successfully, the Shell Extension will continue with erasing of the source files. You can stop the erasing any time by pressing “Stop” on the progress window. Erasing Report will be shown after moving if you have set it to be shown when otherwise working with the Shell Extension. If the copying failed, the source files will not be erased.

This feature is available only on Windows Explorer." Pete