Erased files still visible using Recuva deep scan


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I deleted everything from a 500mb NTFS external usb drive and then erased unused disk space (3 pass) using Eraser on Windows 7 64bit

I then ran Recuva deep scan only to find that I could still see all my old file names.

I then erased unused disk space using 7 pass but the files STILL show when I run Recuva deep scan. When I restored some of the files the mp3s wouldn't play and the jpgs wouldn't open so I'm not sure if the data is recoverable or not. Regardless I want all traces of the files to be completely erased.

What am I doing wrong - how can I permanently erase the files?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Eraser definitely erases all the space marked as free. Your files (or what is left of them) are in space not marked as free.

On non-system drives, restore points are usually the prime suspect, but in your case it seems as though some MFT entries are recoverable. If you can, quick format the drive and re-run the free space erase (a single pass method is fine for this); don't ask me why, but two runs of a free space erase do seem to be better than one.