Erased Hard Drive - Now Cannot Boot


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Hi, I'm donating an older computer. I chose to erase the hard drive, to remove any trace of my personal information.
Now the computer cannot boot.

When I go into the BIOS menu there is no option to select "hard drive".
(I had previously changed it to USB in an unsuccessful attempt to run DBAN.)

Is my hard drive now gone forever?
I thought this would just target my files and auxiliary software I installed.

Thanks for your help. I hope I didn't ruin the computer for someone else.
Hello? Does anyone monitor this forum?

I'd just like to know what I actually did here. Was hoping to donate the computer to charity and just wanted to erase my personal info.
I do not think anyone does monitor the forums. At least not regularly.

I would not think Eraser would mess with your BIOS. Maybe see if you can boot from a USB that has windows setup and try to install it. It may see the hard drive and be able to format it for use with windows. Then just exit setup if that works.
Hi, I hope the OP's problem is solved. I similarly erased the hard drive as I want to give the computer away. I clicked on that option before erasing other files and it immediately forced the computer to send a restart message. Now it says I have no operating system. Has it really erased everything so quickly and does that include all the files and blank space? I'm confused since one of the FAQ posts in these forums said that it won't erase windows when run from inside windows...
If you try to erase the root drive the process will not work as you cannot erase the operating system from within eraser.
Your best option is to use DBAN in that instance, another option is to reinstall windows with the format drive option and then run a freespace erase on the entire drive after.

FYI: If there are any faults with the drive this is when you will find them as the wiping process will reach any bad sectors etc. Eraser will not alter your BIOS.
Original poster here.
Unfortunately my issue is not resolved.

My computer cannot boot. I don't have windows on a USB to try to boot from there.
I messed with the BIOS in an unsuccessful attempt to run DBAN, before I read that Eraser was easier. But now, when I try to boot from SATA I get an error - "No boot filename received" and "Reboot and Select proper Boot device"

When I go into advanced BIOS and select Hard Disk Drives, 1st Drive "SATA: 3M-WDC WD6400"
I get a pop up that says it's disabled.

Is there a simple way to enable it?

I'm not particularly technical and this is frustrating that I seem to have ruined a computer trying to clear my info and donate it.
I don't know why there is an option to delete the hard drive without an explanation of what that really means.
I didn't think the entire hard drive would be deleted and the computer would not be able to boot, rendering it ruined.