Erased unused memory: button text & webpage font error?


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Hello everyone,
I sure would appreciate any help I can get.

I ran Eraser on all unused space on my main hard drive. After it was done, the text on the buttons of my applications went missing, and the font on my webpages have changed. how can I fix it?

I use Windows XP Home and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Thanks again for any help.
The webpage font problem in Firefox appears to be in the Tools-->Options-->Fonts/Advanced area. there's an option to check off "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above".

It seems this option no longer exists after I erased all unused memory on my main hard drive. I reinstalled Firefox but the problem remains. I think I lost a little piece of Firefox I needed.

Help!! How do I get it back? any ideas are appreciated.
Ok, this time I totally uninstalled Firefox, and then reinstalled it.

This fixed the webpage font problem, but the options box for webpage fonts is now the opposite; its enabled when its unchecked! Weird. I hope there isn't other stuff going on I don't know about yet.
Yay! I rebooted and the missing button text problem fixed itself. Everything appears to be good. Maybe this whole dialogue with myself might help someone else. :)
The problem with fonts after running Eraser is a well known bug, though the bug is with Windows rather than Eraser! Windows doesn't like the font files being touched, which is what Eraser tries to do (by cleaning the cluster tips) in the Cluster Tips Area overwrite. The solution, as you have found, is to restart Windows. I would suggest that restarting the computer after running Eraser should be done each and every time.
From a dev of Eraser, yes, the solution presented by Robbie is correct :)