Erased Unused Space, Presumed Crash, Now Large Files on Disk


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Hi There:

Using Eraser 6 RC4, I ran an immediate unused disk erasure with cluster tips and when I came back several hours later, the machine was at the login prompt. Presumably it does that every so often and so I am not worried about it too much. However, when I logged back in there was very little disk space left. I found a directory with an apparently random name full of many files (also with apparently random names), each of size 221184 . Are these Eraser temp files? Am I safe in deleting them?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.
What was the directory called? It is more than likely safe to delete the directory. To wipe free space eraser creates multiple files of x mb in size and random names. Once finished these files will be deleted however if in the event of a crash these files place.
If they are constant-sized and seem to be written to each other in more or less the time you were running the erasure, it's safe to delete. Unlike in v5 where the folder name is known, v6's temp folders are randomised for a (paranoid?) layer of security.