eraser 5.2 - 5.82 wont erase free space


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Hi, first post here ^^

I have been using eraser for almost a year now, and for quite some time, eraser hasn't been cleaning my free space, it works on removable storage, such as CF and SD cards, yet not on my main HDD with XP home installed, it used to work, but since installing spyware doctor 5 beta (wow, what a mess that was, now uninstalled ) it has screwed my pc up.

What's weird, is that my OS drive is J: instead of C:, which could have been caused by having my backup external drive plugged in at the time of a reinstall after a 12pass overwrite and format, therefore the pc thinks now that any CF cards or my backup drive is C:.

I'm really not sure what i can do to get eraser to erase free space again, erasing files works fine though. and i wasn't thinking of another fresh erase of my entire drive until i could upgrade a few components of my outdated pc ^^

Ahhh, now it works when i post for support :-\

i've left it for an hour before and it hasnt done a thing, just froze on "searching for cluster tips" or somthing... hm

Anyways, its workin now, so you can delete this thread :)